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General Products

We carry and custom make grates, frames, handrails, nose angles and more for construction projects. See the complete list.


We offer heavy duty highway grating and all embeds per ADOT specifications. See the complete list.


We carry most MAG steel fabricated storm drain products in stock. See the complete list.

Municipality - County

We stock grates and frames for various municipalities and counties and can custom fabricate any hardware to municipality specification. See the complete list.

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General Products

General Products include

  • Handrail
  • Safety Rail
  • Trash Racks
  • Access Barriers
  • Scuppers
  • Catch Basin Frames and Grates
  • Manhole Covers
  • Curb Nose Angles
  • Access Gates
  • Safety Posts
  • Other Specialty/Custom (contact us)
  • Neenah Cast Iron Hardware (contact us)
  • Structure Hardware (contact us)


C-13.75: Access Barrier

C-15.10: Grate, Frame, Support Beam & Nose Plate

C-15.20: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover, Nose Plate & Support Bolts

C-15.30 Grate, Frame, Support Bolts & Nose Plate

C-15.40: Grate, Frame, Nose Plate & Support Bolts

C-15.50: Grate & Frame for Catch Basins

C-15.70: Grate & Frames

C-15.80: Grate & Frame (Flush)

C-15.81: Grate & Frame (Sloped)

C-15.90: Grates (Set of 3) Median Dyke

C-15.91: Grate & Frame for Freeway Curb

C-15.92: Grate & Frame with 1/2 Barrier



MAG Products include

MAG 140: Safety Post 4” or 6. Type 1 & 2 Bollard (Safety Post)

MAG 145: 1 ½” Safety Handrail

MAG 203: Scupper Plate

MAG 206: Scupper Nose Angle & Handrail

MAG 502-1: Trashrack

MAG 502-2: Trashrack

MAG 503: Irrigation Standpipe Cover

MAG 504: Concrete Junction Box Cover

MAG 530: Type A – Nose Angle & Cover

MAG 531: Type B – Nose Angle & Cover

MAG 532: Type C – Nose Angle & Cover

MAG 533-1: Type D – Nose Angle, Grate & Frame

MAG 534-1 & 2: Type E – Steel Curb Box with Grate & Frame

MAG 535: Type F – Grate & Frame

MAG 536-1: Square Access Lid

MAG 536-2: Alternate round Cast Iron. Frame & Cover with Spring Handle

MAG 537: Type G – Grate & Frame (Single & Double)

MAG 538: Type H – Grate & Frame

MAG 539: Grates for G & H

MAG 540-1: Grate & Frame

MAG 540-2: Grate & Frame

All Municipality & County PRODUCTS

Apache Junction

AJ-5.01 & 5.02: Access Barrier


B-110: Handrail
B-508: Trashrack
B-510 A&B: Round Cast Iron Fram & Cover with Nose Angle
B-505 A&B: Scupper Nose Angle


C-107: Handrail
C-500: Scupper Nose Angle
C-503: Trash Rack / Access Barrier
C-504: Grate & Frame
C-505: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover with Spring Handle
C-506: Grate
C-507: Bubbler Box Grate, Frame with Side Openings & Support Beam


44: Scupper Nose Angle
80-3: Safety Post


G-330: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover with Nose Angle
G-331: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover with Nose Angle


G-3530: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover
G-3531-1&2: Access Barrier
G-3535-1&2: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover with Nose Angle


M-32: Guard Post
M-64: Double Catch Basin Per MAG534 Type E
M-65: 1 ½” Galvanized Pipe Safety Railing


PE-119: Handrail
PE-146-4: 4” or 6” Safety Post


P-1173: Handrail

P-1561: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover for Catch Basins

P-1562 & P1563: Access Barriers

P-1564: Frame for Catch Basins

P-1565: Grate for Catch Basins

P-1566: Grate, Frame & Nose Angle

P-1567: Grate, Frame, Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover, and Nose Angle

P-1568: RoundCast Iron Frame & Cover with 2 Nose Angles

P-1569: round Cast Iron Frame & Cover with Nose Angle

P-1570: Grate, Frame & Support Beam

P-1571: Round Cast Iron Frame & Cover with 2 Nose Angles

P-1572: Grate, Frame & Support BeamP-1573 – Type R Catch Basin Single

P-1573: Grate & Frame

P-1574: Nose Angle

P-1581: round Cast Iron Frame & Cover with Nose Angle

P-1583: Grate, Frame, Nose Angle & Scupper Plate

Prescott Valley

525 PV-6: Drop Inlet Access Barrier


2508: Handrail
2535: Grates
2562-1&2: Access Barriers

Municipality – County

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