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Services include:

Drainage Grates and Frames

We stock industrial grade grates and frames that meet municipal specifications. Grates and frames are fabricated to specification with either concrete embedded application or bolted down to concrete for parking lot pavement use. We offer ADA compliant grates as well as bicycle safe grates.

Nose Angles and Access Covers

We offer a wide variety of curb opening catch basin nose angles and scuppers fabricated to specific details. We stock standard fabricated access lids for sidewalk installation. Access covers can also be built to specification and we also stock cast iron fill lids.

Handrails and Safety Rails

We offer ADA compliant handrails and safety rails that meet the various building codes, and state and city requirements. We custom fabricate handrails and safety rails to meet the customer’s needs.

Cast Iron

We carry in stock most commonly used cast iron access frames and covers for curb inlets to go along with our nose angles that are built to project specifications. We provide the highest quality of metal and offer Neenah and Deeter Products.

Trash Rack and Access Barrier

We stock industrial grade trash racks for 12” to 48” pipes. Custom and larger sized trash racks are fabricated to the customer’s specifications. Verticle or 45-degree mounts for storm drains and irrigation use are both in stock and can be custom made.

Access barriers are designed to increase security and decrease liability. We stock access barriers for 12” to 48” pipes, custom and larger sizes are available upon request.

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